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Myths and Facts Associated with DIY Bed Bug Treatment

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Bed bugs are a huge burden for residential and commercial businesses alike. People will try their own DIY solutions to get rid of bed bugs prior to contacting a reliable pest control professional firm. Here we will give you a clear picture that shows you how effective are these methods.

Ultrasonic devices

There are several incidences where a lot of discussion has been done around using ultrasonic devices in order to repel bed bugs. Ultrasonic devices are plugged into the wall from which the high frequencies sound waves generated from the device making it uncomfortable for bed bugs.

This forces them to leave a certain area. This is simply a myth. There is no evidence that ultraviolet sound rays are beneficial to repel bugs at a place. Ultrasonic devices are not proved to be effective against these bugs.

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Baking soda

At the time of discussing remedial solution for bed bugs, it is seen that baking soda is a highly popular option. It works by simply sprinkling baking soda around all the areas where the bed bugs inhabit. These areas can be mattress as well as the region that surrounds the bed. After a few days, you will vacuum the process and repeat it all over again.

It is purely a myth that baking soda will repel bed bugs. It actually disintegrates, when it comes in contact with water. The idea is that it can efficiently soak the thick fluid that is present on the bed bug. It is not an assured fix to completely eliminate bed bugs from infestation on a property.


Like with ultrasonic devices, mothballs are frequently considered to be a good DIY pest control alternative for many pests including bed bugs. This home remedy for elimination of bed bugs is believed to work by placing mothballs underneath bed, furniture, sofa, etc. The fact is that its pungent smell doesn’t cause any action to naturally repel all the bed bugs from a place.


Hope you got clarity about the bed bugs elimination techniques. The best way to cure infestation of any bugs is to reach out to any pest control professional. They will provide you a real solution to all your bug infestation problems.

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